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  • .paris

    .paris, the new Paris website address

    .paris, here we go!  

    Since June 4th 2014, 100 ambassadors have been the trailblazers of .paris: during six months, these brands, institutions, associations, businesses, start-ups, bloggers selected by the City of Paris will be using their .paris web address exclusively.

    You are a company, a public entity, or a trademark holder ? Register your own .paris domain now.

    From September 9th to November 11th 2014 on, anyone with a geographic, cultural or emotional link with Paris can apply for a domain name under the .paris extension through an accredited registrar (check the list of these registrars).

    Applications from trademark holders, companies and public administrations from the Greater Paris Area (Région Île-de-France) will benefit from a priority over other applications. For more information about the registry policies, please click here

    December 2, 2014, all those who love Paris will be able to get their own .paris domain name!

    A new page in the history of Paris is being written.

    Join the ambassadors in the conquest of this new 100% Parisian digital territory!

  • 100 ambassadors open the way of the .paris

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Everyone can apply for a .paris domain!

3 Sep 2014

Registrations open for trademarks After the opening of .paris to the first 100 ambassadors on June 4 2014, the launch […]

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Les premiers sites en .paris sont là !

5 Jun 2014

      On connaissait déjà .com l’international, .fr le local, .net le gentil, .uk le voisin ou .biz le […]

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On June 4th the Eiffel Tower will fly the colours of the .paris project!

2 Jun 2014

On the night of the 4th of June, Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, will launch the celebrations to mark the […]

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The first .paris websites are…

1 Jun 2014

Many of you responded to the call for projects to be one of the first to adopt a .paris website. […]

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Paris is innovation

Paris is a heritage which is forward-looking and constantly evolving. .paris offers a new territory for this dynamic.,,
.paris also provides an original link between a digital location and a geographical location.

Our clients are our neighbours

Make the geographical location a key element of the brand image, and offer services which encourage “living together” and which demonstrate local commitment.

Regionalising industries

Boosting enterprises, their ecosystems and their activities on websites, for example:,

Paris, a showcase for business activity

Providing a service on .paris means benefitting from Paris’ image by sharing your own vision of the city and Parisians.

Local commitment is essential!

Introduce and mobilise other citizens for local causes using website addresses such as:,

Easy to share activities and organisations

Very simple management of websites for organisations on websites such as bebenageur13e.Paris, or

What I want to do in Paris, as simple as a website address

Find activities and key interests easily with, or

Paris means art de vivre, cultural heritage and luxury

In the world of gastronomy, fashion, and culture, major institutions and brands are automatically associated with Paris.
Why not you? Reveal your Parisian DNA.

I’m Parisian and proud

A Belleville neighbourhood blog and its address are intuitive and easy to remember: Personal email addresses such as can be shared on forums and with correspondents from around the world.

In Paris I can find what I’m looking for!

Access to information about a certain place, nearby services and stores from your smartphone.
I know that I’m on a website dedicated to Paris. 

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There are 100 websites

Selected by the city of Paris based on the quality of their digital project, the ambassadors are paving the way to the .paris era. Discover their websites while you wait to get a bit of Paris for yourself at the end of 2014!

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When can we find a list of the 100 pioneer names ?

The list of the 100 pioneer names is available on the website or at

Why choose 7 premium Ambassadors? and according to what criteria?

The premium Ambassador category required the candidate to provide a contribution in cash and in kind which was much higher than for the other categories (Business, Ecosystem and Parisians).
The pioneering project was introduced to a large number of companies and major brands.
Not all major brands who heard about this pioneering project were able to take the plunge, especially due to the relatively short deadlines that the call for projects imposed.
The 7 ambassadors selected for the PointParis pioneering programme were the 7 applications which were the most driven by this adventure.

Why were only 100 names selected ?

The pioneering project is an exceptional launch plan which the City of Paris wanted to establish for the pre-launch of the .Paris TLD. This programme was submitted to ICANN for approval and is based on the .paris (the City of Paris)’s register’s capacity to activate a maximum of 100 names before the next launch phases (sunrise and general operning).

Have you rejected any ambassador or business applications due to the risk of losing an economic contribution?

The economic criterion wasn’t the only one taken into consideration when choosing candidates. The rules imposed by ICANN, especially the “names collision” list and compliance with “trademark clearinghouse” rules had to be verified without exception when selecting pioneer names.
This meant that City of Paris also had to select the best content projects and highlight projects in the public interest.

Why not Chanel, Louboutin, Cartier?

The pioneering programme was sent out to major “Luxury” brands such as Chanel, Louboutin, Cartier etc. These big brands struggled to take part in the pioneering programme, due in particular to the fact that they have a very strict management policy in terms of their brand and their image.
They did not wish to be involved and confused with other brands in the communication plan envisaged by the City of Paris for this pioneering programme.

Why choose a Pioneer programme?

The pioneering programme is the first launch phase for .paris. This phase includes the launch schedule which will govern a progressive launch of the .paris domain name extension.
There are various objectives for this phase:
 Develop overall awareness of the existence and launch of .paris
 Appoint emblematic and exemplary pioneers from the widest range of sectors possible, pioneers who are able to encourage other stakeholders to position themselves vis-à-vis .paris, in particular during the sunrise phase.
 Build a dynamic and innovative image of this new digital territory

Directly associated with the launch of .paris, the selected participants will be partners of the City and will actively help .paris to become a virtual territory in the public interest, representative of the Parisian community and a vehicle for innovation.
The selected participants will not only be among the first to benefit from a domain name which will be activated as soon as .paris is entered into the Internet root, but they will also be associated with promotional campaigns, events, urban and municipal advertising campaigns and other launch operations envisaged by the City, according to the terms and conditions outlined in the appendix.
The .paris extension will be created thanks to their contribution and they will be the co-builders.

I want to become a .PARIS registrar, where can I find the relevant information ?

In compliance with rules applicable to new gTLDs, as defined by ICANN, the two main requirements for becoming a .PARIS registrar are :
1) Be an ICANN accredited registar (see and integrate your registration systems with that of .PARIS, as operated by ou technical partner (AFNIC/CORE)
2) sign the .PARIS Registry-Registrar Agreemment

Another possibility for distributing .PARIS domain names is to become a reseller of a .PARIS Registrar.

Given delays in the new gTLDs roll-out plan at ICANN, .PARIS is not yet in a position to sign Registry-Registrar agreement. However, in the meantime registrars can contact AFNIC/CORE for further details on technical integration :

When will general availability of .PARIS domain name begin ?

The final launch schedule of .PARIS is dependent upon ICANN.
Based on the last decisions to date (29/11/2013), we can only work on a tentative plan which will should be then fixed following the signature of the contract between the City of Paris and ICANN (planned for early 2014).
A this stage, general availability of .PARIS domain names is planned for the end of year 2014.

When is Sunrise registration planned, and when will the first Sunrise name be live in .PARIS ?

The final launch schedule of .PARIS is dependent upon ICANN.
Based on the last decisions to date (29/11/2013), we can only work on a tentative plan which will should be then fixed following the signature of the contract between the City of Paris and ICANN (planned for early 2014).
A this stage, sunrise registrations should not start before fall 2014, with the fist Sunrise ames activited before the end of the year.

When will the first pionners name be live in .PARIS ?

The final launch schedule of .PARIS is dependent upon ICANN.
Based on the last decisions to date (29/11/2013), we can only work on a tentative plan which will should be then fixed following the signature of the contract between the City of Paris and ICANN (planned for early 2014).
A this stage, activation of the first pionneer names is envionned during the first half of 2014.

What are launch phases for .PARIS in the course 2014?

The final launch schedule of .PARIS is dependent upon ICANN (international organisation in charge of the new gTLD regulations). .paris will benefit from different phases during the year of its launch in 2014.
Pioneer Phase
Chosen as part of a call for projects open to everyone from September 2013 to January 2014, the 100 ambassador pioneers will enjoy an exclusive activation for 6 months, starting on 4th June 2014. These 100 winning .paris projects will exemplify its existence and the possibilities provided by .paris to all Parisian stakeholders, whatever their size or line of business.
Sunrise – landrush Phase
In Autumn 2014, a sunrise and landrush phase will enable brands to reserve their .paris extension based on their trademarks.
In late 2014, the general launch will allow anyone to reserve a .paris domain name.

Who will be eligible to a .PARIS name ?

.PARIS is for all parties with economic ties to the City of Paris and all of the City’s admirers. Geographicaly, .PARIS included the greater Paris area (Grand Paris, Ile-de-France administrative region, …).
Any third party with an address in the area, or wishing to display an attachment to the area will be able to register a .PARIS domain.
This attachment in good faith will required no specific documenation. Howerver, it will be monitored regularly to avoid unauthorized uses of .PARIS domains.

Who will sell .PARIS domains ?

Once .PARIS will be open for regstration, as with any other TLD, registration of domains will be possible through accredited registrars.
The City of Paris, with its partners (AFNIC and CORE) will be the registry for .PARIS, that is : it will keep the .PARIS DNS zone current with registrations, define the registration policy and set the pricing terms on which registrars will build their offering.

What is the origin of this initiative ?

In June 2008, during its meeting in Paris, ICANN announced the launch of its new gTLD program. The City of Paris, through the voice of its Vice Mayor Jean-Louis Missika, immediately committed publicly to apply for the operation of its .PARIS.
In June 2011, after 3 years of international negociations, ICANN annouced the launch of its RFP process for interested parties to submit new gTLD applications.
On may 22, 2012, the City of Paris submitted its application for the operation of .PARIS in partnership with AFNIC (.fr operator) and CORE.
In May 2013, after a year of processing the 1900 submissions, the City of Paris’ application was accepted as one of the first city in the world to have a TLD.

What is .PARIS ?

On the Internet, the adressing of a server ends with a suffix called a top-level domain (or TLD). The most well known TLDs are .com, .org or .net. These “generic” TLDs are delegated by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), one the governance bodies of the Internet. On May 11, 2013, ICANN has authorized (among others) the application of the City of Paris to operate the new .PARIS TLD.

Why register a .PARIS domaine name ?

“Paris” is not just one of the universally recognized brands and an immediate benefit to anyone associating with the image of the City of Paris.

The new digital territory of Paris (.PARIS) actally offers numerous new possibilities. Among these, the two most notable are overall economic development and more specificaly the development of innovative services based on proximity.

In terms of economic development, by providing new opportunities for local interests to enhance their visibility online, .PARIS will inherently promote the sucess of local businesses.

More specificaly, .PARIS is a an opportunity for innovative uses of domain names with higher value added than is witnessed on generic domaine names, where cybersquatting and other detrimental uses are frequent.

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If you have any questions about the new .paris website address, Paris City Hall will personally answer them.


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