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DELSEY: a French company with deep roots in Paris

The DELSEY company was formed in 1946 when a Parisian business founded by Emile Delahaye joined forces with the Seynhaeve brothers. DELSEY originally made leather cases for cameras and photographic equipment but, in 1970, the brand took off into the world of travel with the “DELSEY Airstyle”, the very first range of rigid suitcases.

Over the years and through major developments that have totally transformed the way we travel, DELSEY has been able to adapt and develop by offering products that are ever more functional, innovative and light. Today, it is the second largest luggage brand worldwide.

Though it operates in more than 110 countries, DELSEY still remains faithful to its Parisian roots and history, and recently it has reached out to reaffirm its Parisian heritage both in its products’ design and elegance and in its communication to spread its brand worldwide:
since 2011 all the visuals in DELSEY’s communication campaigns have featured Paris’s most beautiful scenes and Parisians themselves
its muse, Danah, is a dancer at the Moulin Rouge, one of Paris’s most important international symbols. Her picture is on display in every DELSEY store across the world
each range bears the name of a famous part of Paris : Montmartre, Tuileries, Châtelet…
DELSEY has brought back its original name : DELSEY Paris.

A natural, almost organic bond between DELSEY and the city of Paris.

The city of Paris has an image of design and elegance and these are DELSEY’s base values, on which it has built its new brand identity, expressed in its trademark “unmistakable French design”.

Paris also stands for innovation, as the ‘.Paris’ domain name program demonstrates, and innovation is also at the heart of DELSEY’s DNA, making it stand out from the competition in an extremely competitive market through its ability to add ‘extras’ to its bags and suitcases. DELSEY was the creator of the trolley system suitcases, the secure zip closing system and the integrated brake, to name just a few of its more remarkable innovations. DELSEY was also recently awarded the “Janus of Industry” award by the French Institute of Design and was honored by l’Observatoire du Design

The bond that links DELSEY to Paris can be seen in their common values of openness to the world and bringing people together. Every year, millions of visitors discover the capital city, roam through its streets and enjoy its very beautiful monuments, and DELSEY bags go faithfully alongside these travelers, no matter what the purpose of their journey, business or pleasure.

Becoming a ‘.Paris’ ambassador: immense pride and a great opportunity!

As it is so closely linked to Paris’s values and image, DELSEY wanted to be present at the birth of the new .Paris domain name and, as an ambassador, contribute to its development.

DELSEY is proud to be among the very first to feature a .Paris domain name which is, in a way, the culmination of a process that started several years ago. This appointment is also a great opportunity, as much for DELSEY’s image and presence in France and across the world as it is for its business development.