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At a time when the City of Paris is preparing to write a new
chapter in its history, RATP wanted to contribute fully to this new adventure by
offering the general public a dedicated website, one that reveals the company’s
special relationship with the capital. With its 16 lines, 302 stations and 220
km of track, the Metro has rapidly become an ideal platform from which to tell
the story of Paris.

Above all, the Metro reflects a certain historical facet of
Paris’ modernity, and is a partner that has accompanied the urban and social
development and transformations that have shaped the greater Paris region from
1900 to the present. With 5 million passengers daily, the metro is also an
excellent way to discover the city from all its angles, from its different
neighbourhoods to its “must see” sites and monuments. Lastly, the metro is a
world unto itself, an underground – and sometimes above ground – universe that
harbours numerous secrets, including its exceptional architectural heritage and
high profile venues for artistic and cultural expression.

The goal is to create the metro’s own digital space, making
it a major representative of this new “.Paris” digital territory. Presented as
an interactive map, “Metro.Paris” presents you with a selection of Paris’
iconic places and invites you to discover the metro’s rich cultural and
architectural heritage. As a bonus, Metro.Paris also lets you calculate and see
a map display of the shortest itinerary for reaching a given location,
depending on your starting point.

Are you preparing a trip to Paris? Would you like to know how
long it will take you to get to the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower? How about to
the Tuileries Gardens? Or to the Bataclan? Would you maybe prefer to make a
complete tour of venues that are dedicated to digital innovation or
contemporary design? Would you like to know more about the Paris Metro’s design
or about which films were shot underground? Would you like to discover the
artworks that are exhibited throughout the underground system? Do you know why
there is a bust of Danton in the Odéon station, or why the Louise Michel
station is located in Levallois? If so, this is the website for you!