What is a domain name?

A domain name is a proper or generic name or a combination of words used to uniquely identify, but easily remember a resource such as a website or server. Each domain name corresponds to the IP address of the server hosting the resource. This correspondence is ensured by Domain Name Servers (DNS). Used by all the services (web, email, etc.), a domain name consists of a sequence of characters (A through Z, 0 through 9 and the hyphen) and a suffix, the TLD.
Example: bienvenue.paris

What is .paris ?

The .paris is an extension of domain name managed by the City of Paris
On the Internet, the addressing of a server ends with a suffix called a top-level domain (or TLD). The most well known TLDs are .com, .org or .net.
In 2013, ICANN has authorized the application of the City of Paris to operate the new .PARIS TLD.

What is the point of choosing a domain name with the .paris?

“Paris” is not just a universally recognized brand and an immediate benefit to anyone associating with the image of the City of Paris. The .PARIS actually offers numerous new possibilities.
In terms of economic development, it provides new opportunities for local interests to enhance their visibility online, .PARIS will inherently promote the success of local businesses.
.PARIS is a an opportunity for innovative uses of domain names with higher value added than is witnessed on generic domain names, where cybersquatting and other detrimental uses are frequent.

Who is eligible to a .paris? Are there specific eligibility requirements?

.paris is for all parties with economic ties to the City of Paris and all of the City’s admirers. Geographically, .paris included the greater Paris area: Grand Paris, Ile-de-France administrative region, etc.
Any third party with an address in the area, or wishing to display an attachment to the area can register a .paris domain.
This attachment in good faith do not required specific documentation. However, it will be monitored regularly to avoid unauthorized uses by the registry policies of .paris domains : Registry_Policies_Paris

Do I have the right to file a .paris domain name?

All companies can register a .paris domain name.
All the holders must respect the registry policies which manage the eligibility criteria and use of the .paris domain names.
The .paris registry policies is available here.

How can I check that a domain name is available?

To verify that the domain name you have chosen has not already been filed, use the Whois service http://whois.nic.paris/ 

What are the checks to be made before filing a .paris?

Registry policies of the .paris require that a certain number of simple rules should be respected when choosing a domain name. Before filing it with your registrar, make sure that the name you have chosen:

– Is not a geographical name (Art 2.1.2 of the registration policy)
– Is not a name of public authority and public service. The registration of these domain names is reserved for those public authorities.
– Has not already been registered (check the availability of your domain name on http://whois.nic.paris/)
– Is conform to the syntax rules specified in the registraty policies
– Is not part of the list of reserved words.
The registry policies are available here.

How much does a .paris domain cost?

The City of Paris does not commercialise .paris domain names directly. She sells .paris domain name to Registrars at 29 euros HT in the general opening. The price depends to the related services. It is for this reason that the rates can vary from registrar to another.

Who sells .PARIS domains?

It is possible to register domain names in .paris through accredited registrars from this list.
The City of Paris, with its partners (AFNIC and CORE) will be the registry for .paris. It means that it keeps the .paris DNS zone current with registrations, defines the registration policy and sets the pricing terms on which registrars will build their offering.

What steps are required to file a domain name?

Filing a domain name is not done directly with the City of Paris but with one of the registrars accredited for the .paris. Most of them have an online form that provides the information you need to register your domain name. This service is fee-paying and the Registrar is freely to set the rate.
The accredited registrars for .paris is available here.

What is the .paris registry policies?

.Paris registration policy
This Registration Policy sets forth the terms and conditions which govern the registration of .paris domain names.
Specifically, it provides the rules for eligibility, registration and use of .paris domain names.
For more information about this policy, please click here.

Why can I not register my domain name directly with AFNIC?

The world organization of the management system of domain names makes a distinction between the technical and administrative management of registries, which has been managed by the city of Paris with partners (AFNIC and Core) for the .paris, and the marketing function, attributed to private companies, i.e. the registrars. The latter (i.e. the Registrars) are the exclusive intermediaries between the Registries and the public. As a Registry, the city of Paris is not entitled to receive direct requests from individuals or organizations.

I have to choose a registrar; can AFNIC advise me?

No, because the City of Paris has a duty of neutrality with respect to accredited registrars. To help you in your search, a list of registrars is available here.

What is the difference between the registration and the activation of a domain name?

Registration is the administrative procedure of filing of a domain name with the Registry manager, via a Registrar. It includes the publication of information regarding the domain name in the Whois directory. Activation is a technical procedure, which consists in informing the Internet name servers (DNS) so they can translate the domain name into the IP address of an Internet resource (web server, electronic post office, file server, etc.).

How long does it take to register and activate a domain name, respectively?

Subject to validity, registering a domain name under the .paris TLDs is done 24/7 through an automated service provided for the registrars. It takes only a few minutes to register, protect and publish a domain name in the Whois directory. If immediate activation has been requested, on average it is done within the hour following the validation of domain name registration. This process involves a technical check.

How to report abuse?

You want to report an issue about registry policies, please complete the Abuse form and send it to us by e-mail at AbusePointParis@paris.fr

I want to become a .PARIS registrar, where can I find the relevant information ?

In compliance with rules applicable to new gTLDs, as defined by ICANN, the two main requirements for becoming a .PARIS registrar are :
1) Be an ICANN accredited registar (see: http://www.icann.org/en/resources/registrars/accreditation) and integrate your registration systems with that of .PARIS, as operated by ou technical partner (AFNIC/CORE)
2) Sign the .PARIS Registry-Registrar Agreemment

To become a registrar, download the accreditation pack.

What is the Whois?

Contraction of “who is?” »

Service used to search registry databases for information on a domain name or an IP address These public reference databases publish the names of the physical contacts associated with a domain name or IP address (administrative contact, technical contact, and billing contact where applicable). This administrative “Whois” base is not absolutely necessary for the Internet to function, but is virtually available for all of the extensions. Its management method and the data formats proposed differ considerably depending on the case. It can be used to find and contact the person(s) responsible for a domain name or IP address, including for litigation purposes if necessary.

Example: http://whois.nic.paris/

What is a reserved Term?

Reserved term(s) : Reserved term(s) whose registration and/or allocation are subject to special conditions related to the identity and to the rights of the applicant.

What is a Registrant?

Registrant : Entity (association, company, individual, etc.) issuing an application to register a domain name. To obtain a domain name, a registrant usually applies to a registrar (or ISP) which in turn applies to a registry (database manager), like the city of Paris.

What is a registrar?

Registrar: A registrar is an organisation (ISP, website host, internet service provider, etc.) which registers and hosts domain names as a fee-paying service for the resource managers (referred to as registries) by which the registrar has been accredited.
A registrar is not to be mistaken with a registry

What is a Registry?

Registry: Body (association, company, etc.) in charge of managing the database of domain names for a TLD, or of the IP addresses for a specified region
Examples: AFNIC is the registry for the .fr and .re TLDs; RIPE NCC is the registry for IP addresses in Europe.

How to access the protected domain name holder's data in Whois?

The application form for disclosure of personal data allows you to ask Afnic on behalf of the City of Paris to proceed with the waiver of anonymity of a individual registrant whose name and contact details are hidden and do not not appear in the Whois directory.

Afnic will analyze your request in light of the reasons given and will inform you of the follow-up given to your request.

In case of refusal, you will have to resort to the other procedures provided for by the registration policy.

Link to the Form