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The first .paris websites are…

1 06 2014 - #PointParis

Many of you responded to the call for projects to be one of the first to adopt a .paris website. We now have the pleasure of announcing the names of the 100 .paris Pioneers. For 6 months, they will be the only ones to use .paris and will be taking part in all events relating to .paris.

Everyone already knows .com (international), .fr (local), .net (friendly), .uk (neighbour), and .biz (bizarre). There is now a new extension which will go on to do great things: .PARIS. On 10th May 2013, the global Internet regulator validated the creation of this new extension. Soon, email addresses and domain names will bear the French capital’s name.

And starting today, one hundred companies, institutions, startups, organisations and bloggers have won the right to be among the first to launch their website using .paris.

Some pioneer Ambassadors

The inevitable

The Eiffel Tower, a major economic, touristic and cultural player and the symbol of Paris all over the world, will add extra value to the .paris extension thanks to its international renown.

All the Eiffel Tower’s domain names, websites and messaging services will be associated with this extension. Specific contents will be created to promote .paris on the Eiffel Tower’s websites and social networks.

Citroën for  “Our brand was created over 90 years ago in very heart of the capital, beneath the Eiffel Tower!”

The DS range is a premium offering from Citroën and is marketed in the Citroën network, except in China where DS is already a brand and where DS models are sold as part of an exclusive network. Moreover, DS has a flagship called “DS World Shanghai” on the city’s most prestigious avenue, Nanjing Road.

Paris needed its own flagship. This was achieved on 27th November 2013 with the opening of “DS World Paris”, on 33 rue Francois 1er in the 8th arrondissement. Given Citroën’s attachment to Paris and in order to give full meaning to the Parisian inspiration of the DS range, we wanted DS and DS World Paris to become ambassadors for .paris and have a website at is repositioning its brand and is banking on Paris

The DELSEY company was formed in 1946 when a Parisian business founded by Emile Delahaye joined forces with the Seynhaeve brothers. DELSEY originally made leather cases for cameras and photographic equipment but, in 1970, the brand took off into the world of travel with the “DELSEY Airstyle”, the very first range of rigid suitcases.

Over the years and through major developments that have totally transformed the way we travel, DELSEY has been able to adapt and develop by offering products that are ever more functional, innovative and light.  Today, it is the second largest luggage brand worldwide.

Though it operates in more than 110 countries, DELSEY still remains faithful to its Parisian roots and history, and recently it has reached out to reaffirm its Parisian heritage both in its products’ design and elegance and in its communication to spread its brand worldwide:

since 2011 all the visuals in DELSEY’s communication campaigns have featured Paris’s most beautiful scenes and Parisians themselves its muse, Danah, is a dancer at the Moulin Rouge, one of Paris’s most important international symbols.  Her picture is on display in every DELSEY store across the world each range bears the name of a famous part of Paris : Montmartre, Tuileries, Châtelet…

DELSEY has brought back its original name : DELSEY Paris.

As it is so closely linked to Paris’s values and image, DELSEY wanted to be present at the birth of the new .Paris domain name and, as an ambassador, contribute to its development.
DELSEY is proud to be among the very first to feature a .Paris domain name which is, in a way, the culmination of a process that started several years ago. This appointment is also a great opportunity, as much for DELSEY’s image and presence in France and across the world as it is for its business development., a new identity for a new arena in 2015

In the fall of 2015, the eighteen-month facelift will be completed, introducing a transformed, state-of-the-art venue : BERCY ARENA. By confirming its rank within the Top 5 worldwide Arenas in terms of ticket sales, BERCY ARENA will prove to be an experience hub, offering a multitude of innovative services; all contributing towards delivering a newly defined global experience to its audience.

In this regard, BERCY ARENA has been chosen as one of Ambassador Pioneers of the .Paris Project with identifying values such as technological innovation, as well as its close proximity in the heart of Paris.

From June 4, visit us at

Paris Airport “The world is our guest, welcome to »

Aéroports de Paris is proud to be one of the pioneers of this new cyber adventure. As the gateway to France, the world’s leading tourist destination, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly served more than 90 million passengers in 2013.

To enable our non-French speaking passengers to obtain information before they arrive in France, we are aiming to capitalise on the new generation of domain names and, in order to do so, have opted for

This address is easy to remember and will provide our international passengers with access to all Aéroports de Paris information and services: real-time information on departures and arrivals at the Paris airports; the various travel options for getting into Paris or back to the airport; a comprehensive presentation of services and shops, together with practical information and a particular focus on formalities (customs, passenger rights, travel documents, etc.).

The aim is to enable our passengers to better prepare for their journeys and their passage through our terminals. From, they will also be able to access a selection of the capital’s best exhibitions, cultural events and activities, as well as restaurants.

RATP for, a revolutionary map

Both an editorial and a service-driven site, is a bold web tool aimed at tourists planning their trip to Paris, as well as the general public who want to find out more about the exceptional heritage of the city and its metro system. In the form of an interactive map with iconic elements of the metro and the capital as starting points, provides an image of the unbreakable bond between Paris and its metro.

This bond is illustrated through the various facets of the metro that we showcase: an architectural and cultural heritage, a source of inspiration for the arts, a showcase for Parisian modernity and a tradition of innovation at work in Paris, as well as a key interface with the capital, through an exceptionally dense network that covers most of the Paris area. But also through different characteristics of Paris: its historical and cultural heritage, its unique relationship with creation and innovation, its network of community-based associations, and its nightlife.

Neither a map of Paris nor of the metro network, is new type of map which doesn’t yet exist, one in which the user will no longer have to distinguish between above and below ground.

Spotteo: An application to make Parisians’ lives easier

Spotteo.Paris by PagesJaunes is a free multilingual mobile application aimed at foreign tourists and residents in the capital. It provides a wealth of local content proposed by PagesJaunes with the purpose of facilitating Parisian life (cultural activities, leisure activities, services, shopping, discoveries and trips).

This interactive application provides all relevant and useful information for living in Paris. Recommendations and advice offered by Parisians, people from the Ile-de-France region and tourists will be accessible to mobile users. Spotteo.Paris by PagesJaunes to live like a Parisian!

 All ambassadors

The jury had to choose the Pioneers according to various criteria indicated in the call for projects:

• The original editorial project proposed by the candidate. A Pioneer cannot simply propose a redirection from .paris to an existing .fr or .com site. If needs be, they can replace their .fr or .com by their new .paris extension. The best project consists of a new website or a new service, with the challenge of convincing the jury of its quality as well as their ability to come up with a new project within the given timeframe.

• The appeal of the project proposed in terms of the overall .paris project. The candidate must demonstrate and explain how, in their line of business, their project is emblematic or exemplary for .paris. What is their symbolic contribution to the construction of this new digital location.

• The economic contribution, which may be in cash (with a minimum amount to be contributed according to the chosen category) or in kind (in particular, media campaigns to further the reputation of the candidate’s .paris project, as well as the reputation of the overall .paris project).