Why a .Paris?

Everyday, Paris feeds itself with its heritage to looks to the future.

The .paris is an effective and useful link between a unique geographical territory

and the digital territory of companies.

By turning a geographical affiliation in an essential element of their digital presence,

companies benefit from Paris’image while helping define
a new vision of the city and theParisians.

In the fields of gastronomy, fashion or culture, major brands and prestigious

establishments systematically associate themselves to Paris. Thus, creating a similar web

extension was consistent.

The .paris allows citizens to mobilize themselves more easily for important local causes.
It is also a significant help for neighborhood or district associations.

The .paris allows tourists and curious people to easily find the places and monuments that

make up the reputation of Paris, as well as the different points of interest of the city.

Bet on the international

Your address speaks for you thanks to an easily memorable extension. Indeed, Paris works in every language!

Ensure your Ranking

Want your site to appear immediately on search engines? That’s a piece of luck! Many siteswith a .paris are very well situated in the world top of most visited websites.

Join the Eiffel Tower, s-o-s-serrurier.paris or letremplin.paris who have trusted us and benefit from the proximity effect of the .paris

Speak to your clients


“Paris is the most visited destination in the world. What about my hotel? “

When looking for a hotel, what is the first thing you type in the search engine? The destination. Well, your clients are the same. By choosing the .paris you reinforce your integration in Paris and your business benefits from it.


“I want my customers to drool over my restaurant’s extension”

By choosing an extension with a .paris for your restaurant, you associate it to the French gastronomic savoir-faire whose capital is the spearhead. Whether you are renowned for your jambon-beurre or look after a third star, the .paris is a true label of quality that will allow you to distinguish yourself in the competition.

Real Estate

“To find a place to stay in the capital, there is nothing more direct than my .paris”

Whether you rent a room on the heights of Montmartre or sell a Haussmannian duplex, the .paris helps you to reflect a certain art of living in Paris. Thanks to this additional expertise, your clients have a better perception of your field of action and this makes all the difference in a market as competitive as real estate.


“My models parade in Paris and my clients on my .paris”

Paris relationship with fashion is not limited to fashion weeks. Extend the “Made in Paris” effect to the web. You’ll see, it’s not just a fashion effect.

Culture & Arts

“From culture to web culture, there is only one step, or rather a point. “

When working in the field of arts and culture, Paris is an unavoidable reference. The .paris is Paris on the web. By associating yourself to the most admired city in the world, your audience benefits from its influence.


“If I innovate, it’s not to stay classic on the web”

You have created your start-up or you are developing a project in one of our incubators? The .paris is more than just a new extension. It is a true label of quality and innovation that enhances your ideas with investors and helps to create a French Silicon Valley.